It is all happening on our phones nowadays!


Therefore, we are very excited to fully embrace the 21st century with the launching of our new SMS campaign platform*.


It will allow us to send to the lucky subscribers (you) punctual promotions, updates, exclusive deals and so on in a non-intrusive yet terribly efficient manner.


In order to better suit our various customers' expectations, we have designed several campaigns, offering you the choice of what you send to be posted about.









Looking forward to texting you !!!



*You can, of course, opt out at any time.

Campaign 1



By subscribing to SEASON, you will inform of special event, deals & Offers to come.


We will not send you more than 4 SMS over a 30 days period.

Campaign 2



Design with a strong empathy for the local community, SEASONDEAL will inform subscribers of our punctual offer, daily deal and exclusive community discount.So if you leave within 15 minutes walking from us and don't want to miss an occasion of enjoying a good deal & a good meal...

How to Subscribe



On your next visit, by entering your number on our Kiosk.

(this will sign you up for the SEASON Campaign only)






Directly from your phone by texting the keyword of the campaign of your choice


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